Engineering & Architecture

Engineering & Architecture

When you think of engineering and architecture, what images come to mind? Sure, what engineers and architects design can vary widely - ships, planes, buildings, dams, roads, etc.. The one thing they have in common? Plans, blueprints, drawings, design specs - they all involve building something according to a plan and that plan, more often than not, is realized in the form of computer-aided design models or drawings. CAD drawings are the lifeblood of engineering and architecture and they represent one of the most commonly shared types of documents - both within and outside of the organization. Managing drawing versions and markups, knowing who's seen what drawing and when - these issues are vitally important to the success of engineering and architecture firms. Historically, staying on top of this task has been daunting. There's a better way - SirruX sxCLOUD.

Built around the industry-leading enterprise content management platform from IBM, FileNet Content ManagerĀ®, and hosted in the cloud, sxCLOUD Document & Drawing Management provides a content management solution that not only supports the needs of the general business organization but also the specific technical requirements of CAD users on the engineering side of the operation. The result? One system, accessible from anywhere, that provides all users with powerful content management and collaboration.

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