Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

The importance of effective drawing and document management in the oil and gas industry is widely underestimated, yet in many cases it can be the critical factor determining success or failure of a company initiative. Easy and timely access to accurate information in order to comply with regulatory and safety requirements, support research and exploration efforts, and sustain profitable operations - these are all essential pieces of the oil and gas industry information infrastructure. Without a coherent, well-defined plan in place to manage and secure all the myriad forms of data and documents processed daily, owner/operators face productivity losses associated with design rework and verification. While document management solutions exist that address the needs of the business enterprise, they don't typically accommodate the unique needs of engineering departments. Conversely, there exist drawing management solutions that understand the engineering side of the house but with no support for the general business documents used by the rest of the organization. The result? Either a business deploys an enterprise document management solution at the exclusion of its engineering users or they purchase and maintain two or more separate systems that do not work with one another. There's a better way - SirruX sxCLOUD.

Built around the industry-leading enterprise content management platform from IBM, FileNet Content ManagerĀ®, and hosted in the cloud, sxCLOUD Document & Drawing Management provides a content management solution that not only supports the needs of the general business organization but also the specific technical requirements of CAD users on the engineering side of the operation. The result? One system, accessible from anywhere, that provides all users with powerful content management and collaboration.

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