SirruX sxCLOUD is a hosted, engineering drawing management and document management solution enabling organizations both small and large to manage all of their documents including engineering content.

Built around a world-class ECM platform from IBM, sxCLOUD provides native ECM integrations inside popular office applications such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. What differentiates sxCLOUD from competing solutions however is our powerful native integration with Autodesk AutoCAD.

Unlike other application documents, AutoCAD drawing files (DWGs) often contain references to other drawings or image files (XREFs). These referenced child documents may contain references themselves creating a hierarchical structure representing the complete drawing. sxCLOUD understands this hierarchical structure (often called a compound document) and knows how to manage the entire reference tree with the ECM system. When a user checks-in a drawing, sxCLOUD interrogates the drawing to determine its parent-child structure. Armed with this info, sxCLOUD then checks-in/adds child documents as necessary to the ECM system along with the compound document structure itself. The result? When a user goes to check-out a drawing, sxCLOUD understands what, if any, other files are referenced by the parent and checks them out accordingly.

CAD systems such as Autodesk AutoCAD have revolutionized the way in which engineers and draftspersons go about the task of documenting and subsequently editing engineering designs. The basic high-level work-in-progress (WIP) workflow required to move design documentation from conception to production however has not changed or improved significantly. While paper and pencil have been replaced by computers on the authoring side, the process by which drawings are managed, versioned and archived has not kept up with the changes in technology.

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